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I  am   on   a   Journey

entangled with extreme Realization of Life. Finding the absolute Liberty.

Attitude is Everything

Jeff Keller

The foremost   Reflection  of 

Life is an outlook   

towards perception.

When  Life  throws an  Opportunity  

Accept it.  Take Control. 

And   Rise  in Zeal

Destiny : A strong word clutching infinite possibilities.


     As for me, I strongly believe that we have sole responsibilities to our destiny. It is, per se, the aftermath of our thoughts and action. Because it is our thoughts that will ultimately have a role to play in this world.

    I’ve learnt that the key to happiness and understanding is to simply learn from experience. We carry with us the positives to help ourselves grow. We ought to stand out fearless, and let knowledge sink into our consciousness. Because mentors can only show us the path, but the walk has to be done by us.


I Thrive to be a clear contributor to the growth of people

       The People around me have helped me from a very young age and were part of my growth throughout. I have gained great knowledge and experience from this soil and from its people. I have strong inner sight to contribute to the world and its people But to give it a head start, I strongly believe I should start from my Country by solving its existing problems and also contributing to the growth of the country with the technological knowledge I harnessed here.​

           My passion is inclined toward entrepreneurship. Physics always excites me, In my journey, I was charmed to have come across a lot of people sharing the same interest as me. Sharing my ideas with a few personalities brought me to a marvelous blend of two aspects which has emerged over centuries, "Physics & Spirituality". I believe this combination of aspects allows us to deeply understand how our world revolves around its people. And I was indeed fortunate to have been exposed to these aspects during my Journey.

Initiatives &


It is truly a blessing to be a reason and a part of these initiatives. I am grateful to those who helped make this happen. We look forward to serving more people and contributing into making this world a better place.

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