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प्रेरणा : Mentors & Inspirations

My true mentors are My Parents. I owe them everything, for all the lessons they taught me and for being my constant inspiration during my hardships.  For supporting me in all of my endeavours and giving me the liberty to think and act freely, they are one of the biggest reasons that I am living my dream today. Their unconditional love and support have moulded me into what I am, and I shall forever remain grateful to them, and I will continue to make them proud.

The Positive Influencers


Mohammad Anwar

A Motivator, Optimistic and a good Friend 


Ananth Ravi


Strategy & Business

Screenshot 2024-03-09 at 12_edited.jpg

Preetham Hegde


Tech & Personal Life


Dr APJ Abdul Kalam

A Great Inspiration

I was indeed fortunate to have had an opportunity to meet Kalam Sir in my school days. His insightful speech given on the podium was overflowing with so much care and support towards the youth of this nation.


       Before he concluded his speech, I remember the time he requested the entire crowd listening to him to never stop chasing your dreams and always, always dream big and work for it. He earnestly insisted us to make sure that no matter what lies ahead in our path, we must never ever give up. ​

    This became an eye-opener for me. His marvellous books became a truthful guide in my journey. As for me, I have known him as one of the greatest leaders who ignited the “fire” within the youth of India and has given us the “wings” to soar high. 

Swami Vivekananda

Swami Vivekananda's life is something that can be idolized by the Indian youth. His insights and works are one of the positives we all can adapt to. His immense, dynamic personality has created an impact to the people of his time as well as the people of today.


His speech in the Parliament of World Religions, Chicago has made history. Although there weren’t any direct engagements with Swami Vivekananda like most of the eminent leaders, his mighty words of wisdom and preaching through several books has always been my driving force.

Narendra Modi

A great leader with a great Vision

India, my birth country is an emotion to me. Narendra Modi outstands in bringing out the glory of India which was not very exposed to the world so far. He is also a Karma yogi, who has constantly been in action without any rest. The kind of focus and integrity he owns has always been a source of encouragement. 


Nithin Kamath & Sreedhar Vembu

Nithin Kamath built the Zerodha with his brother Nikhil and is one of my inspirations. The way he bootstrapped the startup with his experience is an impressive trait. Calmness and patience are admiring factors. He truly will be an inspiration to many Indian budding entrepreneurs. 

Zerodha is a company to look for if we want to build a startup from zero. 

Sreedhar Vembu created Zoho with his vision to empower the rural part of India, His actions always brought a very unique and deeper impact. This can be seen in the products and his people. 

I like his concept of developing rural areas, Creating an ecosystem, and hiring from villages. Tenkasi where he has his Zoho office is a great establishment. He proved to create profit you don't need fancy offices and fancy activities. 


Elon Musk & Richard Branson

Elon Musk and Richard Branson, both have influenced me through their books and the finest of inventions.


      With no doubt, we can all agree that Elon Musk has made a technical revolution. From building affordable launchers to space by SpaceX, to eco-friendly electric cars by Tesla, to easy transactions by PayPal, to constructing tunnels for easy transportation by The Boring Company, he has been bolted through innovation. 

    Richard Branson, on the other hand, grew from a small magazine called "Student" to Virgin groups which controls more than 400 companies. He has revolutionized air travelling experience on a huge scale. The Virgin Galactic, his spaceflight, is also an interesting venture for business tycoons to look into. Even at an older age, he seems to be the younger and dynamic personality of today.

     The reason I look up to these remarkable personalities is that they never stopped; they just kept acing through whatever came to flaw their dreams. This kind of reckless determination and grit is what the entrepreneurs of today need the most. 

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