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Team Challengers

Updated: Jan 21, 2020

Invent Innovate & Improvise

A handful of young minds together formed a dedicated team obligated to responsibilities and creativity in the field of aeromodelling. They started small, dream big, and work beyond their potential. Their journey took them through several challenges; some made it, some couldn’t. But either way, the end result was applauding team work makes great work.

The team name, Challengers, was named after the spaceship "Challenger" which was the first spaceship to have had 7 crew members who lost their lives during its tenth mission.

As humans, we are always taken aback by success stories of eminent personalities and not empathize much on their hardships and sacrifices made for a noble cause. We name this team, Challengers, not only as a tribute, but also that we push ourselves a little beyond the edge, just as a ‘Challenger’ does it. Anwar, one of the founders of Team Challengers has inspired many to follow their dreams and passion in the field of aerospace and decided to name his troupe Challengers. As a Challenger, we not only confront challenges each day, but we also challenge ourselves and grow into stronger and productive individuals. 

Today, the team has spread its roots to a strong number of aerospace enthusiasts who have gathered in plenty compared to the early days of formation. On conducting a series of screening processes to filter the team members so the work is done efficiently, 50 out of 300 floating members have now been permanent members in team. Members who have graduated are now pursuing higher studies in great universities, and some have built up their own ventures around the world. Each member is profoundly grateful to have been a part of this dynamic team and for me indeed, it was truly a blessing.

There wouldn’t seem to be any point if we only work and never showcase our skills. That is why members of Team Challengers from 2016 started a nationwide event called Aerophilia, and is being organized each year ever since. Each event conducted during Aerophilia is unique for every individual’s interests, ranging from aeromodelling to various hackathons, seminars, drone racing and much more. Our teams have achieved several laurels both nationally and internationally.

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