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Death & Time!!!

There were three events that led me to the conclusion that timing is key, and that taking the appropriate action at the right time can have a profound effect on the outcome.

It's not necessarily ingrained in me that we have a certain amount of time on Earth. This is about three people who passed away and their influence on my life.

My grandfather was the first. He died while I was studying at my PU.

This was the first death in my family that I was old enough to mourn. It was either my grandfather or grandmother who picked me up every day from the bus stop on the way home from school. This fostered a far deeper level of affection between me and my grandparents than I had previously experienced.

I owe a lot of my ability to think critically about the world outside to the stories they told me. The information our ancestors possessed is far superior to that of any current encyclopedia. It was a combination of profound wisdom and keen insight.

For the first time, I realize that not everyone will always live in this world. There were many things I wanted to do for him but was unfulfilled 

Thoughts I had after the sudden death of my grandfather remain vivid in my mind. Realizing how little time we actually have left on Earth. How quickly our plans can crumble, and how quickly we might find ourselves unable to help someone who has always meant so much to us.

After a while, things settled into a new normal—just as they do in every aspect of our lives—and I continued to grow and develop.

In the immediate aftermath of the covid, I was hit hard by another, more intense death incident. A dear friend of mine passed away, and for reasons I cannot discuss, it was not because of covid. She was the only friend who really got my style. She understood how the stars and space work.

We'd stay up all night and into the morning discussing the mysteries of space. I could tell her about any technological advancement and within a minute or two she'd have ten more to add. As part of a larger effort, we created a series of space and drone-themed mini-projects. In having someone else who shared my obsession with getting machines and software to function, I was able to sit up all night and figure out how to fix the problems we kept running into.

It's not uncommon for us to stumble onto potential improvements to the system we're building, but which aren't needed right now. It would be strange if we discovered something with potential future use but still were unable to resolve the situation at hand. Yet it worked out that way because we were eager to advance our technological understanding.

So lofty were her aspirations that just hearing about them thrilled me. Her disposition was to treat everyone fairly. She was always true to her goals. She was in her late twenties when she realized she still had great ideas and research data that could be used to create useful products. In her early twenties, she was ready to turn her dreams into reality, and I was assisting her since I thought her plan made a lot of sense. Then the harsh reality that she is dying and suffering from major health problems slammed into her. Such a blow to my sense of acceptance, and a reminder of how cruel life can be.

We're taking on this challenge as a team, offering her support and suggestions for how to keep her mind on the task at hand without letting it distract her. however, the time eventually arrived. And this was so deep because the one day before her falling down we spend a whole day doing what she likes to do. Meeting dogs in a restaurant because she was afraid of dogs, spending the night at the beach until midnight, night rides and drives it was all so promising, and the only thing she kept telling me that day was "what happens to her dreams if she dies" I don't know how the days after that day went, but I found out she is hospitalized and in trauma. It wasn't like she had many more days left, and I can't recall exactly how much she spent in the intensive care unit before she was released completely scumming to death.

A person who has the motivation and drive to realize many of their goals but was unable to do so because of a lack of time. It saddens me to hear so many young people whine about their lives despite their abundance, making excuses for their lack of productivity after only ten minutes of concentrated effort. It's a disgrace that they can't see that in an instant everything will be gone.

The third is a well-known Mangaluru resident, the founder of Pabbas. Twenty to thirty minutes of our conversation took place within a month or so of his passing. This engagement was really beneficial; he completed all necessary tasks and was overjoyed to have another business at a mall here in Mangaluru. The conversation centered on his professional journey and the sense of accomplishment he has gained from creating something truly remarkable. His sense of fulfillment was palpable to me. Everything he said was drenched in appreciation and enthusiasm for his endeavor. His statements completely altered my outlook at a time when I was struggling to construct my enterprise due to a number of obstacles. He spent most of his time discussing how he is strengthened by adversity. The difficulties he overcame were the source of more pride for him than his achievements. He's devoted a significant portion of his life to creating a reputable and widely recognized brand. His passing hasn't affected me negatively, but it has made me appreciate death all the more.

what I learned from these occurrences are

We are mortal beings who are highly reliant on the passage of time; never forget that. We do not yet have any technology that can buy us time. Since we lack a magic potion that would prevent our eventual demise, we tend to fool ourselves into believing that our lives will go on indefinitely. Do the things you've wanted to do for a long time right away.

Never settle for less than you deserve, and never offer the world less than it deserves. Taking action to improve the world is an enormous duty that each of us must shoulder.

We have a generation that believes people govern the world and is acting on that belief by acting ignorantly and carelessly; the sooner we correct this, the sooner we will have a meaningful life on Earth. The less time we have here, the more quality it will be possible to spend together.

More important than how soon or how late we go is how we use our time here on Earth doing the things we love.

Let yourself have a wonderful time and experience life to the fullest. I hope you are able to find your value here and share the same with the world.

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