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Updated: Aug 30, 2020

A National Level Competition.

It was in the United States we observed even a child of third grade were able to code a mini robot, which usually in India starts only from our Engineering days. With a dream of getting kids to compete and understand the technology around the world the then Team Challengers started designing the Event Aerophilia.

None are early. None are bounded with time. There is no perfect time to do things. Dreams become reality once we take that first step...... The very first step!!!.

The event that let me taste the pride of accomplishment in several means.

An event which is a result of the "Teams" Hard Work & tireless action. That day was the happiest, Waking up from the sleep with a lot of happiness, Although I couldn't attend the events Innagural function due to the overnight works.

Being made up of our teenage hobby to making a National Level event come true was the Happiest days I had.

Those days, Small Small accomplishments brought a lot of Joy and Happiness. The spirit of the team, Its energy the tireless work. There were a hell lot of things which made us engaged. We all enjoyed it equally without any second thoughts coming by any means to destroy the happiness we had.

We have brought many like-minded people together from IITs to Villages. All competed in the same platform with the same rules. The greater performing to their best. The skilled showing up the undoable. The freshers and kids learning from all this, not by just watching or learning the theories, but by actually being the part of the event itself.

The grown-ups were fantasized to see the kids being getting prepared to compete with them but were then amazed when they grabbed the topmost positions in one of the most challenging events. Aerophilia was thus a wonderful event that could inspire a small group of young people to dream beyond their capabilities. Also an event we believe brought few to explore the world of technology.

We have done this for 3 more years and the event happens every year. These events we did, that have taught me a number of lessons which I treasure and comes to my help in several hard moments.  I cherish those moments and am very thankful for the ones who stood together to make this happen. Without which I wouldn't have experienced and acquired the wisdom I enjoy.

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