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Stand out Unique

Undeniably, it is a fact that we are all unique because of the memories and differences we share. The idea of creating experiences that are positive and make a lasting impact is something that drives a diverse society, and I think that is beautiful.

"Everyone is Unique, Independent, and Valued based on the foundation of their ingrained worth. Finding flaws in someone is yet another flaw but innate in nature—so what if we changed this innate trait into something that sees the good in everyone? Now that, would make wonders."

Let the 'Unique' in you stand out

The world is surrounded by an umpteen population of diverse people, flora, and fauna. Even the tiniest minuscule thriving on this planet has outgrown old habits and routines and replaced them with newer, better, and efficient ones. It's like when you thought you saw an ugly snake but turns out, it was only shedding its skin into a shiny, new coat; it all comes down to the beauty of it. Any nook and corner you visit around the globe will leave you astounded by the things you come across and experience. Why? Because the world has a myriad of offerings in terms of language, culture, people, food, music, and experiences. I call this a package— a package that is unique to every human, although it comes down to each of us having the same elements.

Well, if the package does have the same elements, then why is the world we live in growing on differences and biases? A specific community supports a specific idea, value, or opinion, while the very adjacent community is all set to place a bet and debate. The debate could be peaceful or rather heated, not to mention that these would also spew hatred. Each time a generation evolves, it ends up passing on the hatred to the next-gen, and then the next. And with time, a share of the population will mission to oppose and disregard the ones with different ideas—or to put it simply—pay no heed to ideas that aren't agreeable.

This struck me while in a conversation with my sister when our topic of discussion revolved around the same idea—the concept of people's opinions and responses. And in addition to such a queer conversation, I decided to take a step forward and analyze how this has affected our growth in life.

When we hark on to a flashback and then switch back to reality, we come to a realization of the times that once made us happy, sad, offended, humiliated, or possibly a one-time swerve of emotions. You could have a list or perhaps even remember the people who have positively impacted your life, or maybe despise the memories made with the wrong people at the wrong time. Thinking of the influences that have molded you into what you are today is quite a sharp surprise, isn't it?

If someone were to ask me that, I'd say a big YES. Because here's a simple equation I believe in—

thoughts+actions=impact. So then, what are we doing? Why and when did things get so complicated in this world? And what is the reason behind the strong and impactful changes in opinions, behavior, and character? Just as you need two stones to spark a fire, it takes not two people, but two or more different opinions to flinch an argument. Most of the time, we argue with the people we know, and the people we love because I doubt most of us would like to spend time arguing with a total stranger (Or at least I wouldn't!). And this was another dawning that surprised me.

These dawnings dawned yet another fact that all my life, I've wasted quite some time having heated and heedless arguments with the ones I care about, while I could have simply invested time in curating quality moments that I could cherish for a lifetime. And I suppose this isn't just the case with me. We come across these patterns in our everyday life but barely notice it. We often regret it, but we may also fail to prevent this from happening further.

Boiling down to the main thought, I'd like to put forth a question that you can ask yourself or someone you think might wanna hear—Do we really need to dislike or like someone's uniqueness, their behavior, their habits? Does it have anything to do with us or solely with them?

When we decide to take action to respond or rectify a situation, we ought to analyze and empathize with the perspectives of the other person in order to make a sane and sound judgment. An opinion could be right or could possibly be taken the wrong way, and if found wrong, we might as well question ourselves this: "Should I correct him/her?" or "Am I the right person to correct him/her?" And if you find an answer to at least one of them, then do it—in a manner that doesn't offend the other person's feelings or state of mind.

At the end of the day, we all know what it's like to lose someone. Regret, guilt, and sorrow gush through your system, and that is something we despise experiencing. So when you have the chance to surround yourself with people where love and care reciprocates, keep them. They could sometimes bring in all shades of dramatic, but will definitely make your life colorful. I'm fortunate to have those who have stuck around and lucky enough to watch the ones who left because they've taught me the best life lessons. Either way, I think there's always room to learn. And of all the lessons I've learned, happiness seems to be my big asset.

Everyone is Unique, Independent, and Valued based on the foundation of their ingrained worth. Finding flaws in someone is yet another flaw but innate in nature—so what if we changed this innate trait into something that sees the good in everyone? Now that would make wonders.

The traits that make people unique are the acquaintances that can actually teach you a lot more than a school does, but only if you learn with a yearning heart of optimism. This will give you perspectives and ideas from a diverse variety of people that can help mold your life in a better and qualitative way. If you're the type who prefers ignorance of people's different perceptions, it might tread you along a troublesome path at some point in life.

So why not consider their words, their actions, their perceptions, their opinions, and their character as something unique and exceptional? They could be wrong or they could be right—and that is why you need to answer that call to adapt and evolve with your peers and your environment— so that you can stand out unique too, as an exceptional, rational, and optimistic being.

Don't take me wrong, I am not asking anyone to cling with someone who is very hard to handle, Handling is a skill that very few have acquired, and it's very rare to be fair with all. But the ones you have been acquainted with once, There might be a reason for you both to come together, Treasure those relationships for those reasons. At the same time not wasting your time.

I would like to quote something that warmed my heart—and I appreciate one of my mentors for it—

"Don't chase the butterfly, You run chasing them, the faster course it takes. If it's meant for you, it will find its way towards you."

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